Performance Classes

Performance Classes

The Music Bureau offers a unique way to not only learn to play your favorite instrument from knowledgeable teachers, but in a fun way that encourages students, young and old, to play their favorite music along with other people! That’s right! The best way to not just LEARN, but to actually ENJOY the music experience in a SOCIAL environment!

The Music Bureau offers private lessons tailored to the individual, but also has performance programs that groups can learn “set-lists” and perform them at the end of the session in front of a live audience right on The Music Bureau’s main stage, complete with an actual recording and video of the night (and of course a live Facebook feed for friends and relatives to watch as well!)

This unique way of learning through popular song and performance method encourages practice, it fosters teamwork and builds social skills and self esteem…Things you just can’t get off the internet.

$199/per 8-week semester (Existing students pay only $99)
Groups are formed based on age and experience level
Groups will rehearse each week with a curriculum that includes song performance, stage set-up, interaction and engagement and everything that goes into performing live!
(Semester concludes with a concert on main stage for friends and family and recordings of the night’s performance!)

For more information and to check availability
Call: 1-860-886-0203